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A fruit is often picked based on the condition of the fruit, but once biting into the fruit itself, it can either be sweet or sour. In the novel, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Shug is just like a fruit. The first impression that readers got from Shug is that she is selfish and arrogant. Yet, Shug is full of surprises when her personality changes throughout the novel revealing her true self. When Shug was first introduced in the novel, Shug emitted quite a pessimistic mood. She refused to be sweet to Celie and in fact the first thing that she said to Celie was “You sure is ugly” (Walker 46). She treats Celie like she is her servant. Her attitude toward Celie was cold as ice considering that she had intercourse with Mr.____, knowing that Celie was his wife. No one wanted to see her because she got the “nasty woman disease” so the only person she could relied on at that time was Mr._____ also known as Albert. The words that came out of her mouth could be consider lethal because she had no feelings for anyone, but herself. Shug’s real name is Lillie, but she goes by Shug sho...

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