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During the past few decades, there has been an on going environmental movement to “go-green”. The purpose of this movement is to raise awareness of environment protection, be conscious of our actions, and find alternative solutions. Throughout the years, there have been numerous successful and unsuccessful solutions and methods to the issue:the methods ranged from conserving natural resources to anti-consumerism. However, one of the most effective and direct method is recycling. Recycling of water, raw material, energy, waste, and more is not only efficient in the way that it reuses its products, but also it further prevents pollution and global warming by reducing incineration, landfills, and greenhouse gas emission.
The practice of recycling originates as far as back as 400 B.C as ancient civilizations conserved and re-used their waste during times when natural resources were scarce. However, the increase in promoting and propagandizing recycling occurred as industrialization rose. The rise of Industrial Revolution and mass production resulted in monumental increase in demand for natural resources and raw materials. Furthermore, this led to production of excessive waste and pollution. Mining and industrial companies and business have been facing a problem ever since the industrial revolution:toxic,ignitable,corrosive, and reactive waste products.
As of today, there are over millions of factories and plants in the United States alone. These industries create heaps of chemical, hazardous, electrical, gaseous, radioactive, liquid, clinical, and inorganic wastes and pollution into our environments daily. The trash and waste are not only generated at the final stage of production in a factory or a plant, but also generated at every...

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...would have cost $275 million per year to dispose it at a landfill-which would have been tax payer’s money. In conclusion, it is evident that Pennsylvania has not only contributed to sustainable environment of the future by recycling industrial byproducts, but also benefitted from reduced spending on disposal of waste. Furthermore, if all of the states and other countries adapt this way of thinking and practice, the world will witness a significant recovery and advancement in health and sustainability of our environment. One can learn that if 7 billion people in the world of today continue to consume and eradicate our environment, there is no hope of sustainable future. Hence, we need a change. We need to be aware and conscious of our actions in our place and environment to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and conserve natural resources for a sustainable future.
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