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Happiness is something inside each and every one of us that is brought out while doing everyday activities and noticing the positive things that we have in life. In some way, we all become happy at a certain point. Some of us, the little things make all the difference and we’re easily pleased. Others, it takes much bigger things in order to bring out the joy in life. Some researchers seem to think that we can do certain activities on a daily basis to bring more happiness and a general sense of well being. Shawn Achor seems to think that the outside world has a huge effect on our daily happiness (“The Happy Secret to Better Work”). He believes that we can do daily exercises to remind ourselves as well as our brains to focus on the good in life and not so much the negative (Achor “The Happy Secret to Better Work”) . He talks about how over the years we have often made the mistake of thinking that in order to be happy and feel good about ourselves then we must be successful in life (Achor “The Happy Secret to Better Work”). He believes that we are completely going backwards with this process (Achor “The Happy Secret to Better Work”). We’re never going to be happy from trying to succeed because the bar will always be set higher (Achor “The Happy Secret to Better Work”). Achor thinks that we should focus on the good things in life and the things we have succeeded in in order to bring happiness (“The Happy Secret to Better Work”). As you can tell, becoming happy is not a simply process when you think about. Most people seem to think that they can bring happiness to themselves if they accomplish what they have in front of them. It seems that we are wrong and doing things completely wrong in order to bring happiness. Let us go further int...

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...hings to help bring happiness to yourself. Happiness doesn’t come from being more and more successful throughout your life and hoping that all the success will one day bring happiness. It comes from focusing on the good and positive in your life and doing things of positive influence. Shawn Achor really helped to open my eyes to a new idea. It may seem skeptical at first but it is one that you have to go with and look at the results at the end. You can try all you want in hoping that materialistic things and being successful are one day going to make you happy. Until you realize and understand that it won’t then you’re completely blind to true happiness. Be thankful for what you have, focus on the good and positive in your life, and do things that are going to help bring happiness and a sense of well being in your life. That is where you will find real happiness.
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