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Education Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL, MSc Business and Administration, Marketing. (September 2012 - January 2014) • Intensive course which has covered all the relevant subjects for a marketing manager. Thesis, experimental study: “Sustainability: is it a valid asset or a liability? Investigation on consumer’s evaluation of sustainable product.” Despite of my bachelor which has been entirely focused on theoretical notions, this master has balanced my knowledge with strong practical skills (work groups and weekly personal assignments). This has given me the perfect mix between theory and practice in order to affront my professional career. Parthenope University, Napoli, Italy Bachelor Business and Administration, Management (November 2008 – July 2011)  Basic concepts of economic and accounting: micro/macroeconomics, mathematics, statistics, finance, accounting, marketing, strategy. Thesis: “Competitive advantage: advertising’s relevance for an industrial company”. During this period I have created with a friend a study group of 6 people in which we helped other colleagues in creating a study plan for each exam. The way to approach the study and my strong willingness to reach my goal has brought me to conclude my bachelor degree program semester in advance. University Federico II, Napoli, ITALY, Mathematical physical sciences, PHYSICS. (September 2007 – October 2008) • My first academic choice has been Physics. I have not terminated the study program, however, during this year I have developed strong problem solving skills and increased my analytical capabilities enormously. Liceo Classico Scientifico “G. Carducci”, Nola, Italy (September 2002 – July 2007)  During this 5 years period I have developed a deep interest for ... ... middle of paper ... ...the ability to understand cross-cultural differences and to deal with people who have different cultural backgrounds. - In my leisure time I enjoy cooking for me and my beloved, trying new recipes and new teastes. Otherwise, I like to read/watch autobiographical books/movies. I am deeply interested in the life of the people has written the history. Actually, I have to admit that I enjoy any type of documentaries that can increase my knowledge. I love travelling around the world, however what really makes me curious is how people live their life differently from me. - I like team sports; I enjoy playing football with friends, and when I was a teenager, I have played in a club for several seasons. I have been also coach of the team of my high school for two years. I am a big fan of a football team; I try to follow it despite the commitments of the day to day life.
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