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Cosmopolitan magazine became devoted to women issues and self-improvement topics such as ‘sex tips’, how to ‘flatten your belly’ etc. Popular culture has a long history of representing women as concerned with love romance and relationships, whilst are increasingly presented to possess an active sexuality and need for sexual pleasure (Milestone and Meyer 2007). This need ‘self-improvement’ portrayed in magazines put forward the idea that it is for the benefit of men to attract ‘love’ and this is not only shown in the content of cosmopolitan magazine but also the images used. Blood (2004) claims that women's magazines are almost completely dominated by images of idealised perfect bodies, and not as an inspiration for women but as a way to remind them that that are flawed and don’t have society’s ideal body. In [fig.3] is when cosmopolitan started to take a bold sex approach and the image used is of a middle aged women dressed in a low cut pink top. The woman stairs directly at the camera in a seductive glance as her hands wander over her body. The way a woman is dressed constitutes a p...