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Jack Shaeen(1953), a Lebanese-American professor, discusses in his article “The Media Image of Arabs” how movies stereotype Arabs as terrorists and “Boogeymen”. Shaheen demonstrates how these stereotypes influence the behavior of non-Arabs toward the Arab people by narrating his experience when he was mocked by bullies when he was young. He mentions that his mother taught him that stereotypes distort our vision and damage our imagination. Therefore he should “accept people the way they are”. The author experiences a similar situation with his family in which his children used the term “bad Arabs” to refer to characters in animation movies and cartoons. Shaheen is astonished by the fact that Hollywood movies present Arabs and Americans to be enemies despite America being friendly with 19 Arab nations. He also reveals how being an Arab is considered a problem by narrating the story a woman who wanted to adopt a baby and was warned that the baby has a problem. The problem was that he was Jordanian. Shaheen concludes the article by mentioning that journalists have started to try to overcome the Arab stereotype by revealing the real image of Arabs. He wishes that TV producers, politicians, and religious leaders would follow the steps of journalists and try to overcome the indignity that stereotypes have caused to Arab. The way Hollywood movies portrayed Arabs was very negative and stereotypical. “Arabs were either billionaires or bombers—rarely victims” Said Shaheen(1953). This was especially true in the case of the Israeli-Palestinian portrayals. Since Jews are considered one of the main audiences of Hollywood movies, improving their image on the cost of Palestinians was one of the techniques that directors used to attract the Jewish ... ... middle of paper ... ...g/archive/politics/7282/egypt_and_the_problem_of_religion Elayan, Y. (2005). Stereotypes of arab and arab-americans presented in hollywood movies released during 1994 to 2000. (Order No. 1425746, East Tennessee State University). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , 66-66 p. Retrieved from (304994648). Ould Meiloud, A. (2007). Image of arabs in hollywood films. (Order No. 1449792, University of Wyoming). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , 109. Retrieved from (304785451). Wingfield, M., & Karaman, B. (1995). American-Arab Anti- Discrimination Committee. Arab Stereotypes and American Educators. Retrieved from[]=stereotype
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