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On November 17, 2013 at 3:00pm, I visited the Dance Theatre to witness the University of Maryland Faculty Dance Concert referred to as “Falling Forward”. As I made my way to the theatre, I had no intent that the performance would be as detailed and well put together as it turned out to be, nor did it cross my mind that our classroom setting would somehow transform into such a great theatre. Initially, walking into the theatre I had the mindset that it would probably be only a few people, the theater would be really small, and the performances would be quite interesting because they included faculty. Most of my instincts were slightly off. In terms of the theatre, I do remember us not having class in our normal room because the people were rehearsing, but I never imagined how the room would actually look if the chairs were down. Similarly, the audience was actually a pretty good size as compared to what I had imagined. I did not think many people were willing to pay that amount of money for the performance. Essentially, “Falling Forward” was incredible as it enabled me to apprec...
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