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Psychopaths have been around since the dawn of man we just never really knew what to label these certain individuals. But now with the rise of technology we have begun to understand psychopathic behavior and what traits you need to have to be labeled a “Psychopath”. It all started with the founding father of modern psychiatry Philippe Pinel. In 1801 Pinel had a group of patients in which he believed had “insanity without delirium”. He then went on to believe that these individuals who had no known intellectual issues but rather antisocial defects as well as very cruel type behavior.
It is very important to note that psychosis and psychopathy are alike in a sense but different. As to where psychosis is someone who has no contact with reality, these individuals suffer from hallucinations, and very disordered thoughts. On the other hand psychopathy is more like a mental disorder in which a person will have many antisocial behavior problems, as well as the lack of being able to establish any real relationship with anyone. In this group of individuals was the absence of very psychotic characteristics that originally divided the people with psychopathy from other patient groups.
Evidence for psychopathy has been found in literary, historical, political and religious texts. It has also been found cross-culturally. Another known fact about psychopathy, in 1941 Hervey Cleckley became the first to catalogue psychopathys specific traits. In 1988 the term psychopath was coined by German psychiatrist, J.L.A Koch. Koch saw psychopathy as it arising from a flaw in a persons constitution at birth. Then Constitutional psychopathy became very big in the United States, in the litature of the early nintheen hundreths.
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...perform their criminal activities. Now that so much time has passed by and technology has advance so much we are able to give psychopaths forms and options of rehabilitation so that they can value themselves as individuals and see if they can live in a regular society.
Through out time and history there have been many theories of what truly defines a criminal psychopath. Some have evolved and progressed more than others. Form the first study conducted through now we have a better understanding of the characteristics that make up a psychopath. Although there are a variety of different psychopath categories there are those main characteristics that everyone should be aware of. These include : Lacl of remorse, Lack of empathy, Lack of realistic or long term goals, poor judgment, having a manipulating personality, superficial charm, and above average intelligence.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the rise of technology has helped us understand psychopathic behavior and what traits you need to have to be labeled a "psychopath".
  • Explains that psychosis and psychopathy are similar in a sense, but different. they differ in that they suffer from hallucinations, disordered thoughts, and antisocial behavior problems.
  • Explains that evidence for psychopathy has been found in literary, historical, political, and religious texts, as well as cross-culturally.
  • Explains that birnbaum believed that antisocial behaviors rarely stemmed from constitutional flaws in the individuals character. the problem that arose from having sociopathy was that too many individuals fall under those characteristics.
  • Explains how hare proposed a scheme that outlined three main catagories of psychopaths: primary, secondary, and dissocial.
  • Explains that hervey clekly fealt was a necessary main feature of superficial charm mixed with average to above average intelligence. psychopaths impress individuals by being overly friendly, persuasive, and likeable.
  • Explains that psychopathy is a well-known subject when it comes to criminal behavior. the general public, law enforcement, and media associate psychopaths with certain behaviors.
  • Explains that psychopaths lack most symptoms of thinking and severe depressions. psychologists do not consider psychology a mental disorder, but they do believe that it is biological basis.
  • Explains that entertainment media illustrates psychopaths as inhumane individuals that enjoy to-do violence. however, traits and characteristic tendencies change for adults and teens, which puts them at different levels.
  • Explains that psychopathy is one of the most important psychological constructs in the criminal justice system.
  • Analyzes hare's view that they lack a normal sense of ethics and morality. they use instruments to intimidate their victims and violence to satisfy their needs.
  • Explains that in 1992, the federal bureau of investigations found that nearly half of the incidents that occurred in jail where law enforcement died in the line of duty were caused by an inmate with psychopath tendencies.
  • Explains that many psychopaths engage in violence because they see it as a form of revenge or just because of their evil tendencies.
  • Explains that there have been many theories of what truly defines a criminal psychopath, some have evolved and progressed more than others.
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