crime data comparison

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There are various means to establish the rate of crimes through the use of statistical data. Examples of such could be the annual census, Hospital records, and more importantly, the data collected through law enforcement agencies. The working group on the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) would step in when all the information is collected and present this to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. In 1929, the program was first used and was initially produced by the International Association of Chiefs of Police providing dependable crime statistics from their particular offices for the nation's records ("Uniform Crime Reports", 2012). Additional statistical periodicals get created each year, and information from the United States is collected and documented into the standard crime report database. When we put side by side the areas and the occurrences of offenses that are stated on the report, it is easier to determine the rates of crime by cities, or states. A breakdown as such has been beneficial to find out if there is undoubtedly a crime prevention effort or if crimes go out of hand. In Washington State, the two largest cities are Seattle and Spokane. The population in the city of Seattle in 2012 grew to 626,865 thousand while Spokane had 208,916 thousand. As the population steadily rises, there is a heightened chance of increased crimes that are committed. Based from Uniform Crime Report's data ("Uniform Crime Reports", 2012), the city of Spokane had an equal percentage of crimes reported that year in comparison of the reports from Seattle. Violent crimes are the normal crimes that are reported to the UCR. These crimes include aggravated assault, murder, rape, motor vehicle theft, property arson crimes. In 2012, the ... ... middle of paper ... ... statistics showed that the rate of burglaries in Seattle and Spokane neither decreased nor increased significantly. If there was an extreme growth in the crime rate, would the data be advantageous in deciding what focus the need to be accomplished by law enforcement and the public in order to continue if not reduce the intensity of crimes that are, or have been being committed. Works Cited U.S. Census Bureau. (2013). Retrieved from Uniform Crime Reports. (2011). Retrieved from Uniform Crime Reports. (2012). Retrieved from
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