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“We are each burdened with prejudice; against the poor or the rich, the smart or the slow, the gaunt or the obese. It is natural to develop prejudices. It is noble to rise above them.” - Unknown Society seems to always mention prejudice, discrimination and racism. However, do individuals actually understand what each word means? Prejudice comes from the word judging, and "Pre" is a prefix or a part of a word that means “before." So, if you're prejudiced, you're prejudging without knowing the facts. You can be prejudiced about anything: people, places, things, race, ethnics, religious groups, or countries. Prejudice is a negative feeling; you think negatively about whatever you feel prejudice for. An intelligent person learns the facts before making judgments. Discrimination is quite similar to prejudice, where discrimination is the act of treating a person or a group of people different than normal because of race, age, religion, etc. Racism is hatred or resentment to other races or to a specific race. It’s clear that all three words tie together in a way. Therefore, leading to a movie called “Crash” a complex film that focuses on these issues in the American society. It conveys the message that conflicts between races is due to a lack of understanding and communication. The central message of crash revolves around race, and a deeper meaning in general; how individuals treat and interact with one another, portraying a deeper understanding of humanity. This movie provides many scenarios that illustrate prejudice, discrimination and racism. In this movie we see a number of races such as African American men and women, a Persian family, Hispanic people, and Asians. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the examples of these... ... middle of paper ... ...Crash", there was a lot of discrimination against not only different races, but different genders as well. Each and every person in this movie that had prejudices all intertwined and had to face the people that they had prejudice against, and put it aside to do the right thing. Showing viewers that no matter where that individuals stands in the community, whether a police officer, a district attorney, a movie producer, a store owner, a locksmith, or just a criminal they had to put aside their own personal beliefs for what was morally right in the end. If different races don’t try to understand each other or accept different races those individuals demonstrate a bitter relationship. However, once you make an effort to overcome your own prejudice and at least attempt to understand other people there is a possibility of a healthy relationship between different races.

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