correctional facilities

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The realities of correctional enterprise concur with justifications of punishments with some cases. All criminals are not the same. There are criminals that need help but do not get help there for result in criminal activity. Then there are the criminals that are flat out insane. The correctional stage can be effective; it just depends on the sanity of the criminal. We are pretty successful with achieving the purposes of the criminal law. Criminal law keeps everyday Americans safe and gets many bad guys of the streets as possible but the three strikes law is drastic. It definitely seems like an affective deterrent but the sentencing is unbelievable especially, if it’s not a serious crime. “The prison population has tripled since 1980 and 84 % of the growth were non-violent offenders.”(Jenne, lecture) The statistic shows that are criminal laws are not completely just. As successful as the criminal laws been there are definitely holes in the system. When the correctional stage comes into play it is suppose to help these inmates. “The process of rehabilitation is about looking at that individual not the crime.”(Jenne, lecture) I think it is a good way to help them out and it may also help law enforcement discover what it is exactly that the mind set of these inmates is. It designed to help the inmates realize what they did wrong and what they have to do to avoid that in the future. During this period it is important that those seeing them through...

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