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Corporate social responsibility has become a key factor to businesses today, but what is it exactly? Corporate social responsibility also known as CSR is when businesses go outside of their normal responsibilities to give back to the community. It is the way corporations take accountability for its effects on the environment and impact of the society as a whole. Therefore they try to make up for damages, mainly to the environment, that they have made. Businesses dedicate their own money and time to environmental programs and various social welfare initiatives to the community(Mason and John 79).
The concept of CSR originated in the 1950s, when many people believed that the actions of corporations were related to the economy, society, and environment. Therefore people thought that companies should accept further responsibility to keep society stable. Eventually corporate social responsibility became known as corporate citizenship because companies began to go beyond just giving money, but also aiding in social groups and the environment. It has became known to improve lives and communities through business (Chun-Chen 73).
Corporations are now challenged by investors including customers, and employees, to develop a plan for how they will approach economic success while taking care of their employees and the environment. By committing and fulfilling to this idea, corporations are engaging in corporate social responsibility (Virvilaite and Ugne 535).
The main principles involving corporate social responsibility involve flexibility in aspects of giving back through ethical, legal, and economic aspects. The corporation needs to be ethical, but also has the rights to make its own decisions of what type of philanthropy the company wants ...

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... recyclable shoe boxes and also participate in many other environmental and social projects. They also make sure that their suppliers who work in China, Ethiopia and Argentina are being treated well, including maintaining the prevention of slavery and human trafficking within their supply chain. This act of CSR has attracted many consumers to this company(
To conclude, I do feel that corporations should participate in corporate social responsibility. It is beneficial to the community and themselves. Corporations should help out the society since without the society or community, corporations wouldn’t be as successful as they are. I think that CSR is a great way of showing care for things other than themselves which gives a company a more pleasing look in a consumer’s eye. Therefore corporations should continue to offer their time or money into communities.
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