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Comparing Core Competencies for Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Educators
There are many nursing specialties that are enveloped by core competencies to provide a framework for a competent practice. Once these core competencies have developed, implementation of them begins with confidence and a clear understanding of expectations within the role. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the core competencies outlined by the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties for a nurse practitioner (NP) and the National League of Nursing (NLN) for the nurse educator (NE).
I will begin with the core competencies for the NP. There are nine core competencies for the NP presented by the (National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties [NONPF], 2014) which are as follows (a) scientific foundation competencies, (b) leadership competencies, (c) quality competencies, (d) practice inquiry competencies, (e) technology and information literacy competencies, (f) policy competencies, (g) health delivery system competencies, (h) ethics competencies and (i) independence competencies. These core competencies are essential for the NP to demonstrate upon graduation. A better understanding of these competencies with a brief explanation of each will be provided.
Scientific Foundation Competencies requires the NP to understand critical data, translate research and other forms of evidence to improve advanced nursing practice. The NP must integrate research, theory and knowledge to improve practice processes and outcomes.
Leadership Competencies are exemplified by the NP’s ability to demonstrate leadership using critical and reflective thinking. Effective oral and written communication is required. He or she participates in...

... middle of paper ... that impact people. The NP and NE are encouraged to join professional organizations for professional development and each role is required to engage in analysis and evaluation of processes for the promotion of improved outcomes. One difference in the competencies of the NP to those of the NE is the NPs need to work independently within an organization with a focus to develop optimal patient care outcomes and how the care is delivered. The NE core competencies are developing people to perform optimally in their setting. Another noticeable difference the NE competencies displays, is the primary focus of learning. The core competencies of the NE stand alone in this respect because they provide the foundation of learning for all nurses at any level. It is reasonable to assume that without implementation of the NE’s core competencies, there would not be an NP.

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