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The key to effective communications is recognizing and understanding the unique attributes, needs, mission areas, and priorities of everyone who will influence or be affected by the NGEN transition. Stakeholders are persons and organizations such as customers, sponsors, the NGEN workforce, and the EUs that are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by the execution, completion, and success of training projects. They may also exert influence over training projects and deliverables. Stakeholders may be at different levels in their respective organization and may possess different authority levels. The Training Team will perform an initial stakeholder analysis to ensure all stakeholders have been identified and to collect information regarding their interests, involvement and impact on training program success. It is critical to identify the stakeholders and to analyze their levels of interest, expectations, importance and influence. A strategy can then be developed for approaching each stakeholder and determining the level and timing of stakeholders’ involvement to maximize positive influences and mitigate potential negative impacts. The assessment and corresponding strategy should be periodically reviewed to adjust for potential changes. The Stakeholder Management Register will be used to classify Stakeholders according to their interest, influence and involvement; and to define an approach to increase the support and minimize negative impacts throughout NGEN’s life cycle. This will enable the Training Team to focus on the relationships necessary to ensure NGEN’s success. The Stakeholder Management Register (Appendix #) will include all details related to the iden... ... middle of paper ... a positive or negative effect on a Training Project’s objectives. Risks must be documented, prioritized, and analyzed. Plans must be developed to either accept a risk or to mitigate the risk. Once the characteristics of the risk have been identified and the impact of the risk assessed, the Training Team will develop options and actions to enhance opportunities or to reduce threats to the Training Project objectives. An issue is a point or matter in question or in dispute, or a point or matter that is not settled and is under discussion or over which there are opposing views or disagreements. An issue log is used to document and monitor resolution of issues. The issues are clearly stated and categorized based on urgency and potential impact. An action item is created and assigned to a Training Team member for resolution, and a target date is established.
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