contiential not drifting but raising

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A skull of 95 million year old dinosaurs which unearthed from narmada river bed region of India has raised hot debate among researchers.

Because the dinosaurs fossils totally contradict with the theory of continental drifting which proposed by German meteorologist Alfred Wagner.

According to this theory before 200 million years ago all the present day continents were jointly present and the super continent was called as pangaea.and then splited in two major continents called as northern laurasia and the southern gonduwana.the theory continue to explains...

From the gonduwana south America, south africa, antartica, australia, india and Madagascar separated before 150 million year ago and India was splited and drifted northward crossing the equator 70 million year ago and then collided with the Asian continet.due to the collision the Himalayas was formed and the collision also caused earthquake.

But based on the study of dinosaur?s skull paleontologist say the dinosaurs that unearthed from the Gurath region was appeared 95 million years ago. The Gujarat dinosaurs have close relation with the dinosaurs that lived in South America and Madagascar. How this species can reach India that evolved after the splitting of these continents.

To solve this problem today the supporters of Wagner explained that the splitting of gonduwana splited before 100 millions years ago instead of 150 million years ago.

But this explanation was seriously questioned by a dinosaur?s species known as saropod.this saropod dinosaurs appeared just 65 million years ago. The saropod dinosaurs also lived in South America, and Madagascar. During this period the Indian continent splited from this continents and crossed the equator and existed as an island continent which surrounded by ocean. so obviously there is no way for the saropod dinosaurs to reach India.

And supporters of Wagner also have no explanation for this question.

But paleontologist said saropod dinosaurs entered in to the India before 65 millions years ago. This proves that India has always attached with Asia as now. And also disproved the drifting continents story. If the continents were not drifting then what caused the earthquake?

Whale fossils are discovered from simla hill region and Kutch region of gujaath.which indicate the continents are raising from beneath the ocean. And it is become clear the rising of continents from the earth surface caused the earth trembling.


Posted Date : 26/05/2005 - Author: G.Ponmudi

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