consumption of new media

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Societies are made up of several diverse elements, which are known to hold them together. One of those key elements is media. In today’s society we approach countless varieties of media that are constantly influencing the way individuals live their lives. Consuming media on a daily basis has an immense effect on the way people view things within society. Media consumption is described to be the usage of new media by individuals. No matter the location of a person, they are assured to consume some nature of media.
With media playing such a large role in society, everyone is bound to somehow use some sort of device or technology that causes them to consume new media. Living in a society that is nearly run by media, it is hard to avoid it. This day in age, many forms of devices and technologies are being used for purposes other than what they were actually generated for in the past. This is all based around the idea of media convergence. The act of converging is defined as the amalgamation of different devices, technologies or industries into a combined whole . Media convergence is about how the old media and new media come together and share resources. As Henry Jenkins said, it changes the way people tend to consume the news and entertainment . This is important due to the fact that this world has become combined of multimedia resources with the many forms of media that are available today.
With societies constantly growing and advancing, the emergence of new media is inevitable. New media result from the convergence of media . Times have changed from the past where media only meant to be watching television or listening to the radio. In today’s world, the media has changed along with the way we use it and what we use it for. In ...

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... considered as producing new media and I am also providing people with the ability to consume new media.
Today there are endless ways to digest and produce information and entertaining content. Media plays such a large role in societies today that everyone is bound to somehow contribute in some form of new media. With the different types of technologies that are constantly arising, new media is going to continuously influence the way societies along with the people in societies function. Given the amount of new media devices and technology that are currently present, I am constantly using some form of device or technology. My use and consumption of new media is constantly increasing. The consumption and participation of new media is set forth to keep on increasing as societies progress, therefore it is going to be a sociological factor that will always live on.