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Constitution of United States
With reference to the United States of America, a codified constitution which consists of the nations’ fundamental laws is used to establish the form of the government as well as the rights and liberties of the American people. The reason for a codified constitution in this country is to ratify the problems faced by the various states of America who had established an alliance under the Articles of Confederation to solve national problem as the Articles of Confederation lack the authority to make the states work together. As such, majority of the delegates at the constitutional convention that met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1787 decided to write new plan of government — the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution established not merely a league of states, but defines the powers delegated to the national government, protects the powers reserved to the states and the rights of every individual. The Constitution consists of a preamble, seven articles, and 27 amendments. It also sets up a federal system and uphold the concept of separation of power among three independent branches — the executive, the legislative, and the judicial as well as the rule of law.
The initial establishment of the Constitution of the United States of America faced various critics. Among them the President was said to have too much independence, the Senate too aristocratic and that the Congress had too many powers and finally, the national government had too much authority. However, most importantly, the critics argued that a bill of rights had not been included in the constitution. To obtained ratifications from a few important states, the Federalist (supporters of the ratification of the constitution) pro...

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...ncept of separation of power as well as the rule of law. The executive, legislature as well as the judiciary does not have overlapping members. In fact, if any congressman is appointed to the executive, he or she had to resign from her position as a member of the legislative assembly. As such, there is no direct influence of the executive on the legislature which ensures the separation of power. The ‘rule of law’ embodies the basic principles of equal treatment of all people before the law, fairness, and both constitutional and actual guarantees of basic human rights. The ‘rule of law’ implies the supremacy of law and that all laws must conform to certain minimum standards for instance protection of civil liberties. In this sense, the upgrade of standard of the Bill of Rights as a constitutional right would further enhance such rights so that it is better followed.
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