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CONSPIRACY is based on the only surviving record of a German meeting that was held in the midst of World War Two. The meeting was held to determine what the Germans were going to do with the many jews that Germany was holding captive. The meetings solution would be the blueprint for Hitler's final solution. The Film that is the object of this paper; CONSPIRACY is set during the year 1942, specifically January 20th. The film was written by Loring Mandel and Directed by Frank Pierson. The Film was released May 19, 2001. The main objective of this movie is to tell the story of this meeting that would determine the fate of Six Million lives.
This meeting was attended by fifthteen different German officials, from SS comanders to various government ministers. The meeting was held in the outskirts of Berlin in a house that was owned by the leader of the meeting, SS Chief of Security Reinhard Heydrich. The fifthteen different men were invited to what they thought would be a polite conference with food, wine, cigars, and some debate, but little did they know the reasons for the meeting were of evil intent.
When the men first entered the house; after a few rounds of “Hail Hitler” the proceeded to sit around a long rounded conference table. First they all introduced them selves, SS Maj. Gen. Heinrich Muller, Dr. Gerhard Klopfer, Dr. Willhelm Kritzinger, SS Lt. Gen. Otto Hoffman, Dr. Georg Leibbrant, Dr. Alfred Meyer, Dr. Willhelm Stuckart, Undersecretary Martin Luther, Erich Neumann, Rudolph Lange, Dr. Joseph Buhler, SS Col. Eberhard Schongarth, Dr. Roland Freisler, along with Eichmann and Heydrich. After introducing themselves these fifthteen men were all directed to open the files that were placed in on the table in front of ...

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...only surviving document which was Undersecretary Martin Luther's copy of the Wannsee Conference minutes, which was discovered in the files of the German Foreign office by American Investigators in 1947. The only things said to not be totally acurate are the seating arrangements at the table, what was actually served to them for lunch, and who was wearing uniform and who was not.
In conclusion the writer Loring Mandel and Director Frank Pierson have put together a very good movie. The movie has very a very well combined cast with Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci, and the many co-stars. The actors were very believable within their charcters which helps draw the watcher into the story. The film has a very clear thesis that is set up and supported very well in detail. It is very factual in its re-telling of the events and it does not put a “Hollywood Twist” on the story.

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