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846 words

The programme is set up in such a way that the partners will explore the city of Amsterdam in a proactive way. We consider it important to include activities which aim at increasing the partners' physical condition. Furthermore we want to make them aware of the society they live in and their ancestors, and therefore we chose a specific exhibition at the Tropenmuseum.
We kindly ask the guests to sign in at the Host desk for these activities always on the day before until 8 pm. The guests will get the schedule of the upcoming day right away. This will help us to organise the programme and make the day an unforgettable one. Please keep in mind that the Conservatorium Hotel is aware that short-term changes will still be possible. That means that in case a guest decides to be part of the organised tour even though he or she did not sign up prior to the deadline we will do our best to include that guest in the programme.
Furthermore, the programmes are set up in a manner that the children can always join. On Thursday and Sunday there will not be a specially planned leisure programme for the guests nor for their partners and/or children.
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Friday (22.11.14)
7:30 – 9:45 - Breakfast
All the delegate’s partners and children have breakfast together at The Brasserie on the ground floor.
10:00 – Departure for excursion
At 10 o’clock a guide will pick the guests up from the Reception and bring them to Museumplein. There the Amsterbike office is located. We selected Amsterbike for the rental of bikes because it doesn’t just offer good quality bikes but also a guided cycling tour with a multilingual team of enthusiastic professionals. Included are bikes for children, a map of Amsterdam and a guide on what to do in case of emergency. (w...

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People we spoke to

• Florence Piloha – Meeting and Event Supervisor at Conservatorium Hotel
• Matthijs van Schaik – Operation Manager at Conservatorium Hotel
• Desiree Sietsema – English Teacher (revised our proposal on basis of English)
• Hidde Zomer – Executive Chef restaurant “The Carbon Bar”, Toronto
• Dam van Middleweert – Human Resources Trainee at Conservat

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that all the delegate's partners and children have breakfast together at the brasserie on the ground floor.
  • Explains that amsterbike offers a guided cycling tour for children, maps of amsterdam, and tips on how to get around amsterdam.
  • Describes the ekeko restaurant as the tropenmuseum's restaurant. they provide mostly organic and ecological food and beverages from all over the world.
  • Explains that after an exhausting day, it would be nice for guests and especially for the children to take a break. all guests will bike back with the bike-tour-guides to the hotel.
  • Describes the theme dinner at the tunes restaurant on the 1st floor for delegates with partners and children.
  • Describes the cocktail evening reception at the tunes bar on the 1st floor for delegates and partners.
  • Explains that all the delegates partners and children have breakfast together at the brasserie on the ground floor.
  • Explains brickell collection's swan tea infuser, which is available at
  • Describes dreyer, hensley, j., and lowe, p.'s drinks and light fare all day, all night at the andrews mcmeel pub in kansas city.
  • Explains earth concepts' you never drink alone - home, available at
  • Explains edoqs' hotel front desk standard operating procedure.
  • Explains that global passenger network netherlands provides bus hire netherlands, bus charter netherlands and bus rental amsterdam.
  • Describes marie-stella-maris's splash at conservatorium hotel amsterdam.
  • Explains that the conservatorium hotel is aware that short-term changes will still be possible.
  • Explains that the partner programme will continue with a guided tour through the ‘tropenmuseum’. the ‘black & white’ exhibition focuses on slavery in connection with dutch society.
  • Explains that vondelpark is more known for its near-pastoral beauty than its actual size.
  • Explains that event planning ethics and etiquette: a principled approach to the business of special event management.
  • Describes andré van lieshout, fonseca porto white, astro rug, and much ado about nothing: cosmic voids.
  • Explains the blauwschimmel kaas van bleu de wolvega, ongeveer 3,5 kg met korting online kopen bij biovoordeel.
  • Explains that conservatorium, 2014a, at home in the heart of amsterdam, and 2014b, de liggen van het.
  • Explains that conservatorium, 2014g. map & access, and 2014h. splash ii – a glugluist pop performance.
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  • Explains the tropenmuseum best children’s museum in the world - royal tropical institute.
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  • Explains stover, gallagher, and taxielectric's safety & security self inspection checklist for hotels.
  • Explains the shipping, receiving & package handling procedures of the hilton walt disney world and the mark residences.
  • Explains tipsomtebesparen, groentekalender, and tony's chocolonely.
  • Explains van middleweert's guided tour, the conservatorium hotel, amsterdam, march 20th, 2014. vindict - wijn!
  • Cites de vos, van & coops, r., fransen, herman, and watkins, e.
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