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This study will be based on the study of the e-banking which was extensively studied by various researchers including Bank Bazaar (2012) which argues that banks in lines offer multiple non-transactional features that are very convenient for customers. And also examine the current state of online banking that is to identify its strengths and weaknesses by Murray (2013) and use the results in the formulation of recommendations to contribute to the knowledge in the chosen field. This explanatory research paper uses mixed methods. The results indicate that although infrastructure is advanced compared to some other regional examples, it was still below Western standards. Some important recommendations to strengthen e-banking industry are presented, such as; focusing more on the mobile-features and services to be more advanced than internet services.

This explanatory research to focus on the strengths and weaknesses in key areas widely demonstrated by Roman (2011) in the sector of banking online and compares it with the same areas in the global industry of online banking services. So-online banking must be presented from the perspective of banks, their objectives and the impact of online banking, but also Bank online from the point of view of clients which includes their desired benefits and cultural influences by Murray (2013). Finally, Bank online dimensions such as the level of maturity of infrastructure, coverage of services online banking or legal regulations, respectively, and available to users of banking services online, on cultural and behavioural are analysed. The research suggests some recommendations for implementing value against each of the examined dimensions.

Online banking is one of the great outcomes of the ICT appl...

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...y Monthly
7. Do you still visit branches since you started using online banking?
Yes No

Appendix 2

Result/ Survey

1. Have you use the Internet Banking before?
Yes (50) No (0) … If No goes to Question 3
2. Do you use an Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?
Yes (40) N0 (10)
3. Do you use telephone banking services (for example, balance inquiry, fund transfer between accounts)?
Yes (30) No (20)
4. Do you have mobile app for your banking online?
Yes (40) No (10)
5. Do you use your Internet bank to shop on Internet?
Yes (30) No (20)
6. How often do you use the online banking services per day
Daily (20) Monthly (30)
7. Do you still visit branches since you started using online banking?
Yes (20) No (30)
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