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It's a group of computers which all belong to the same organization, and which are linked within a small geographic area using a network, and often the same technology, they can be either wired or wireless. Twisted pair coaxes or fibre optic cable can be used in wired LAN. Also in LAN it uses a protocol, a set of rules that governs how packets are configured and transmitted. LAN is capable of carrying very high transmission rates normally in Mb/s (Megabytes per Second) and Gb/s (Gigabytes per second) 1. Advantages of LAN • Security • Cost • Email • Resource Sharing • Speed 2. Disadvantages of LAN • Expensive to install • Requires Administrative Time • File Server May Fail • Cables May Break 2.2. Analyse the typical components of a LAN (Local Area Network). In this topic I will be discussing the component that made up a Local Area Network (LAN), as the meaning suggest that its “two or more connection station (computer, servers, pcs etc.). LAN can be divided into two sub-sections as: A. Hardware component B. Software component 1. Hardware components This type is the phy...

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