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From the era of 1400s till 1800s, music was at peak and has brought impacts in people’s life. More musical instruments were invented and musicians were well known at that time with the purpose to entertain them. By then, musical instruments started to spread widely around the world. Musical instrument is defined as any form of potential devices that gives musical sound. I will contrast two musical instruments, banjo and guitar in terms of their history, their characteristics, and the styles to play them. Yet, people will still know that they share the common similarities in terms of categorized as the strings-family instrument, the portability and how they are played. First, according to Ruehl (2014) in the aspect of history, the banjo begun from Africa and the African slaves brought into the America in the 19th century. The slaves were not allowed to play drums. So, they invented the banjo. The Americans concluded it as a bad thing until the Civil War ended. Then, a performer of the “blackface” of the Americans, John Sweeney was credited for the fifth string he added onto the banjo. He was known for his attribution in introducing the banjo in England and US during his tour. Despite that, many people could not believe that he was the one that added the fifth string as a picture of a slave holding a five-string banjo was painted before his birth. The Americans participated in the picking competitions in urban places and at the same time the evolution of banjo finger-picking arouse at the end of 19th century. In special occasions, the banjo used to perform in ballrooms along with singing and dancing (Tythacott, 2001). Ruehl (2014) also pointed out some well known players like Eddie Peabody and Perry Bechtel. Today, it is still pop... ... middle of paper ... H: (2010). The Road to the Stage: Road Ready Cases. History of the Guitar. Retrieved from P: Estrella, E. (2014). Music education. Profile of the Banjo. Retrieved from Estrella, E. (2014). Music education. Profile of the Guitar. Retrieved from T: Tythacott, L. , Shelton, A, (2001). Traditions around the world: Musical instruments. United Kingdom: Hodder Wayland. Cross, D. (2014). Guitar. Types of Guitar. Retrieved from W: (2014). Strings and What Are Guitar Strings? Retrieved from
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