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The Mai Riang community bank was established in June, 1999 which was funds to support the operation of “Mai Riang Community Leader Council” through rendering assistance in order to earn a living of members that emphasized by sufficiency, so that each member is limited to borrow money mere 15,000 Thai Baht per person as well as to raise funds in the community to be proper with the needs of lending that is a resource management by the community members that as though self-reliance by helping each other. Thus, coordination, stability and progress of community bank are administered by the council who has trusted by community members as well as the council should know how to behave morally which includes honesty, sincerity, responsibility and transparency to work can be checked at any time. Building trust to community bank among the community members through using the elemental virtues to guarantee fraud as well as the unity of the community members by working together under responsibility and teamwork. To create rules and regulations as a guideline in order to prevent from taking advantage and build the basis of work in progress because the community bank as a business is doing to the economy of the community, it is not for profit purpose. Due to the business in term of financial community is also a new initial business for community members whether shareholders and investors so that all parties can learn and practice carefully according to the Royal Initiative project which support and contribute to the community and its members that built the organization up to manage community resources by the community for the community because in the future, whether as a capital resource or productive resources derive from the natural resources w... ... middle of paper ... the production management is not systematic. The council has provided education activities through various means such as seminars, workshops, training and obseved activities so that the council has invited representatives from the public sector that concerned in such courses to train about the learning in the community. Agriculture and environment within the community, there is a conservation campaign because the community has bulk qualities at agriculture chemical that is resources and environmental degradation in the community rapidly and drastically that cause the production costs has increased while products’ selling price has reduced. So there are ways of agriculture and environmental management such as using compost or bio-fertilizer instead of using agricultural chemicals, which can reduce production costs, then the product’s selling price, is also higher.

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