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Introduction The main focus of this report will be a chosen community. The community will be explored as will some selected institutions such as hospitals, doctors, schools and nurseries focusing on the education system alongside crime rates, gaps in the health care services and discussing the local authorities. Using the census and reliable statistics. In addition to the above an organisation located in Banbury shall be examined and investigated, looking into what the organisation is all about, how they operate and key themes which occur within the organisation. Also covering the context of the organisation, any issues of concern, organisational structure and service users. This will be achieved through research and an interview with a member of staff. Introduction to Banbury Banbury will be the location discussed due to Oxfordshire as a whole being too big and therefore too diverse. Banbury is a small town in Oxfordshire, known for having the world's largest coffee-processing factory. Banbury is ever changing and is home to a wide variety of people whose cultures and beliefs are expressed and celebrated throughout the community. Tourist attractions such as The Banbury Cross, Banbury Museum, Spiceball Park and The Castle Quay Shopping Centre are all located in the centre of Banbury. Banbury is just 2 miles south of the Midlands boarder however, there are ongoing debates if Banbury is part of the Midlands in fact or the South East. The local papers The Banbury Cake and The Banbury Guardian keep the residents of Banbury in the know and up to date with everything Banbury. Community A community can be seen as a group of people who share a common interest or live in the same location, sharing the same beliefs. A group of peo... ... middle of paper ... 1000) in Jan 2012 this then increased the following year to 228 (per 1000) reported in Jan 2013 this then decreased to 215 (per 1000) reported in Jan 2014. The most common crimes include anti social behaviour, violent crime, criminal damage and arson, public disorder and weapons, violence and sexual offences and shoplifting. The increases between 2011-2013 could be for one of two reasons the first of which that Banbury has become more crime base and more crimes are being committed or that more people are coming forward and reporting crime. This could be due to the community binding together and with more support victims are reporting crimes. Crimes often bring communities together in order to find justice and help victims This may also cause social exclusion as people may not wish to socialise with criminals. Exclusion can leading to criminals re-offending.

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