common reasons for a divorce and the effects on the children

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Marriage, a monogamous relationship where a man and women unite and are to hold on to their vows for rest of their lives, but when the marriage does not work people tend to do the most simple thing, divorce. There are a lot of reasons why couples decide to divorce and get the easy way out, yet they forget that their kids are to suffer the most from their decisions. The most common reason why couples divorce is lack of communication, which includes: lack of commitment and infidelity, lack of compromise leading to arguments, and unrealistic expectations from marriage at young age. Marriage is based off of trust and commitment but because of lack of communication couples tend to drift apart which results in lack of commitment and infidelity. Divorces that happen on the bases of lack of commitment are 73% while divorces that happen on the bases of infidelity are 55%. These two together cause approximately 64% of the reasons for divorces (Dr. William H. Doherty 44). I interviewed attorney Katherine Kraus and according to her one of the main reasons is cheating (Katherine Kraus). Couples lack communication and forget to express their feelings and spend time together which causes one of the partners feeling neglected so he cheats. The cheater usually chooses this path to seek attention that they want hence do not have. They tend to get that attention from someone else other than their spouse (Timijo). These mistakes happen and they start lying and start making mistakes that ruin their marriage. They start lacking the commitment that is required in a relationship. These issues affect children the most. Affairs that the parents have affect children in many ways like: desperation of being loved and sexual addiction. The kids h... ... middle of paper ... ...n who are married at young age expect to either have kids later on in life or they expect a child without harming their body. They feel insecure about their husbands cheating on them because they are not attractive anymore but they forget to communicate this to their husbands and usually go for abortion. And if they keep their child, the child will not get the affection that a child needs for a while in their lives (Wendy Baldwin). Lack of communication can cause unrealistic expectations from each partner and affect the children in future. In conclusion, the common reason for divorce that includes infidelity and lack of commitment, arguments due to lack of compromise, and unrealistic expectations for couples married at young age, is lack of communication. Marriage is based off of trust and commitment but most importantly compromise and communication.

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