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Every single day of their lives, individuals have to make small decisions that eventually lead up to affecting not only their own future but also, the future of those around them. Every one of these individuals has a choice to make, whether it is choosing what clothes they will wear in the morning to picking what occupation they will take on for the rest of their lives. No matter how big or small these resolutions there are an endless amount of factors that come into play based on their decision. One life altering decision that almost everyone has to make growing up is whether one will partake on continuing their education by enrolling in college. This step can change the lives of those that want to gain insight into a particular field of their choice. Nevertheless, choosing to continue their education is only half the battle. Persevering through college and making it out with degree in hand is another battle altogether. However, just as there are many factors that influence the ultimate decision chosen on any menial task, there are also numerous factors that lead students to drop out of college. Various causes for students to choose not to progress further into their academic career are negative social interaction and lack of opportunity. These determining factors and many others cause students to fall into shortcomings and choose to abandon their path of continuing their education.

A significant factor that comes into play while students pursue their passion and interests in college are social relationships. These social interactions are a direct reflection of whether or not the student will make their way through this educational hurdle and be able to endure the mental stress. This is the time that students are able to choose...

... middle of paper ... to continue their education or diving into the world headfirst. There are many different reasons for students to consider abandoning college, from becoming influenced by those in their surroundings to the struggles of providing for themselves. Students ultimately have a very important decision to make, one that could easily affect their future in a good or bad way. Every individual student has their own limitations, whether they succumb to external influences and let outside troubles affect their ability to continue their education is on their hands. However, these determining factors will always play some sort of role in a student’s life.

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