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College has been great for these past two semesters. I have learned many things from time management skills, to utilizing educational resources. But I got tell you the truth; high school did not prepare me at all for what I have endured in college. High school was not even a bit close to a college experience. For one thing, high school workload was much smaller than college workload. Time management wasn’t a big concern for me as a high school student. Also balancing my social and academic life was never a debate. High school didn’t even prepare me on how to become a public speaker. They never taught me how to actually network, and communicate with various people. College is what you called an ocean cruise cross the Atlantic.
I came to recognize that college work requires much more study time and critical thinking. High school required some form of critical thinking to an extent. Many high school teachers portrayed college as continuation of high school. So with that mentality, I was very much unprepared for college. “Compared with high school, you’ll have more to read, more to write, more problems to solve, and more to remember (ellis, 2011). High school teachers gave review sheets, and reviewed over material before any test was given. While “college instructors gave less guidance about how or when to study (ellis, 2011). Teachers in high school constantly reminded us with test dates and upcoming assignments. College students “(do) not get reminders about when assignments are due or when quizzes and tests will take place” (ellis, 2011).
High school teachers made they’re lesson very interesting and intriguing. Teachers took various courses in college that prepared them to plan lessons, and teach with a stimulating twist. “Instru...

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...ess of getting my ID, and speaking with various upper-class men on the whole college experience. So then after I spoke with them, I went to the dorm to receive my key. My mom and my sister was the only one there from my family to help me move into my dorm. As I was wrapping up, it was time for my mom and sister to leave. As they headed to Evers parking lot and drove off, it actually hit me so hard; they were no pre college preparation advice or technique that would of help me at that very moment. High school wasn’t one to teach me how to control, or stop these emotional feelings that I felt, when my parents left. As I went through college, I was not getting any home cook meals, or wake up calls. I couldn’t even go home on weekends because I lived 1,500 miles away. Everyone went home on the weekends, but me. That’s why college education is different from high school.
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