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High school student-athletes are in for another challenge as they soon become college student-athletes. As they make the transition to college life, they will have to balance the rigorous courses they plan to take and athletics. Some are able to manage the two, while others struggle. The common problem of Student-Athletes struggling in college is because of their academics. Because of this problem many of these student-athletes will end up not eligible to play any games that season. In order for the Student-Athletes to avoid this problem of not playing, a lot of them will seek help and request for tutors to help them manage their school work and sports. But this can also pose a problem, too.
In college, coaches will provide their players with personal tutors or have them visit their academic counselors. These coaches realize that if their players do not do well in their academics, then there is a possibility that they will not be eligible to play college sports. The University of Southern California and other division I-A universities have student class checkers that will go around campus to monitor athletes and make sure they are where they need to be (Thamel). Most division I-A universities that are top football programs have spent millions and millions of dollars in building athletic academic centers just for athletes so they can get all the help they need (Thamel). According to the New York Times, USC spent $1.5 million annually on tutors and academic support to help the athletes that attend their school (Thamel).
The graduation rate of student-athletes in college becomes another factor why it is important for student-athletes to have tutors. In January of 2005, the NCAA Division I board of Directors established the Academi...

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