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Who or what influenced me to attend syracuse university? AFter discovering my career path, I began to look for the top biology universities with excellent programs in entrepreneurship. I presented a couple of names to my superintendent and he was not impressed. "Sabrina, there are universities that have even better biology programs than this list of colleges. You are a smart girl and you have a lot of potential that can not be wasted." He gave me three brochures of three different universities to research and one of them was Syracuse University. I was familiar with its name more than the other options so I began to do extensive research on it. The College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University impressed me greatly, and as soon as I finished looking at the plethora of opportunities and programs it offered, such as the Study Abroad program, I decided that this university would be my number one choice. Also, the health and wellness programs at Syracuse, such as the Syracuse Counseling Center or the Health and Wellness Promotions, are assets that every university should have. When comparing Syracuse to other schools, the health and wellness opportunities that are offered put Syracuse on a higher pedestal than other universities. I have even read reviews by the university's students and what excites me the most is how I will be surrounded by intelligent people who are particularly interested in the field that I will partake in. I was surprised that I had not considered this university as one of my top options in the early stage of my college search. Syracuse University's biology program is highly ranked among the nation and the Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises minor is highly respected. I strongly believ... ... middle of paper ... ...r I am in school or not. In addition, I have been playing softball since 5th grade and it was love at first hit. Of course, the university that I apply to must have a softball team or I will not even consider attending it. Syracuse's softball team is excepetional, ranked 23 according to the NFCA. It would be a privelege for me to be a part of the softball team at Syrcause University, proudly representing it, on and off the field. I intend to open up a nutrition blog or program, if permissible, at the university to help prepare me for my career. It would also be advantageous for the university, to have an even healthier, well informed student population. I also would like to be an intern throughtout all of my years. I would like to shadow chiropractors, nutritionists, naturopathic physicians, and business owners of any nearby clinics or hospitals.

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