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[5] Bandwidth Comparison Latency comparison [5] This shows significant difference for both bandwidth consumption & latency which shows that the Lightstreamer scales better than simple socket IO. Lightstreamer Architecture The Lightstreamer engine implements publisher subscriber model. Lightstreamer uses the long-polling technique It basically has three components [7] 1. Server side implementation-coded in java(Lightstreamer server) 2. Client side implementation coded in javascript 3. Adapters to support diversity of data exchange platforms Server The server consists of java process. This process controls the Network messaging stack & threads which helps the process to achieve maximum optimization for the returning the data. The servers use java NIO framework to scale up with huge number of connections It uses advanced techniques which allow data transfer without being blocked by the firewall The server continuously pushes the data to client (streaming) which is then displayed in UI by client Client The client side uses the API provided by the Lightstreamer vendors which allows the clients to update the contents of HTML & HTML 5 web pages in real time. The javascript use helps achieve the compatibility with any browser, both desktop and mobile .There is no need of third party plugins to be installed which is a big advantage Adapters As shown in the below diagram we have Two sets of adapters in the architecture While creating a new lightstreamer session, the client can select the adapter to use. Each lightstreamer session needs the adapter set which includes one metadata adapter & multiple data adapters. These adapters are customized components which reside on server. These adap... ... middle of paper ... ... Lightstreamer framework is useful for real time data updates for applications like chat rooms, blogs, notifications, Web site live data updates etc. • Monitoring and telemetry:NASA Is Using Lightstreamer to dispatch the real time data coming from the satellites • Telecommunication & media: Lightstreamer is the best solution for providing live feeds for sporting events • Transport system monitoring & updates • Web Mail system • Public utility services Conclusion Lightstreamer provides a framework for push technology implementation in which real time data updates & exchange is achieved with low delays & high scalability. It’s an emerging form of Message oriented middleware which allows applications to send real time messages over internet & is firewall friendly which is gaining popularity in industry especially in domains which require real time web experience.

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