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Cloning in the Twenty-first Century
Cloning is the making of genetically identical copies of a single cell or organism. Cloning was never talked about much,(When?) unless a person read science fiction or watched movies. Then on February 23, 1997 comma Dolly the Iamb What is an iamb? appeared on the news. Dr. Ian Wilmut, the head of the Roslin Institute in Edinburg, Scotland had led the team who cloned Dolly. Dolly was cloned from the omit ‘the’ one reproductive tissue of one adult female sheep, so that she was genetically identical. Dolly what happened here? started from a no--the mammary cells of a six year old ewe. They were grown in nutrient- poor culture medium that forced them into. Why the period? a quiescent state, known as G O phase of the cell cycle ( a phase that all cells go through when dividing). Then scientist WN—should be plural took other egg cells from other ewes. These cells were called oocytes. Then they removed the nucleus and fused it with the mammary cell, by pulsed electric current. The procedure used to clone Dolly is colloquially called "cloning." The general term cloning is any procedure that produces a precise genetic replica of a biological thing, including-a DNA sequence, a cell, or an organism. Then the world became freaked out. Next the talk of cloning humans.(Kass and Wilson X, VIII.) Where did you start using this source—whatever it is? You must introduce quotations and let your reading know when you are paraphrasing or otherwise using sources.
Before all of this, cloning happened all the time in labs across the world. A type of cloning is used often in cancer research. Then another type is used in horticulture. This is were What does this mean? certain types of roses, lilies, potatoes, and apples come from. A MacIntosh apple is a clone. What is your source?

Most of the same steps where used to clone these things, yet they did not get the attention Dolly received. (Hyde and Hyde 14). Period goes after parentheses, not before.
When I think of cloning, I do not think of it as killing a person. Why on earth would you say this? No killing of any kind is involved. While talking to Phyllis Phyllis who? And why did you ask her? the other day I mentioned cloning to her. I quote her as saying "No man has the right to play God.
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