clinical geneticist

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Clinical geneticists are specialised physicians who focus on analysing, evaluating and caring for patients with inherited genetic diseases or ones that are genetic influenced (Education Portal, 2014). They are medical professionals that screen for inherited conditions and diseases arrived from altered DNA, prescribe therapy and interact with genetic counsellors (Education Portal, 2014). Clinical geneticists evaluates a person’s risk of inherited diseases and treats inherited disorders such as cystic fibrosis, can treat different forms of cancer and lastly can treat other abnormal conditions associated with genetic alternation (Education portal, 2014).
On a daily basis a clinical geneticist performs a variety of tasks such as providing advice, assistance, and consultation to patients with concerns about genetic issues and meet patients who are referred to them (McLean, 2012). Clinical geneticists have other duties such as evaluating the medical histories of patients and their patient’s families, collect and analyze DNA using using gel electrophoresis, Southern blot analysis, polymerase chain reaction analysis and other biochemical processes (education portal, 2014). Clinical geneticists may also supervise laboratory technicians who conduct testing, manage the collection of documents in which is important that documents are kept up to date, coordinate testing, management and treatment information with genetic counsellors (education portal, 2014).
Basically speaking clinical geneticists will work in a general genetic clinic or in a specialised clinic such as cancer genetics or prenatal genetics (, 2014). They usually work alongside genetic counsellors, molecular and cytogenetic laboratory staff and academic colle...

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