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Prologue When wizards ruled the earth and conquered everyone, they created the Circle of Balance. It was a magical round talisman designed to keep the world at peace. All the sorcerer’s embedded their magic in the Circle of Balance. It had the strength of all the wizards. The wizards no longer had their magic. They wanted nothing to do with the tainted power that killed so many. The deaths of the people still haunted their memory. They had seen enough death to last a lifetime and so decided to divide the circle into three different pieces. Each piece of the circle could not work without the others. If someone put the pieces of the talisman back together, the magic would return. The wizards never wanted anyone to find the Circle of Balance so they took the three pieces and hid them throughout the world. During the fourth age, Frinald, the King of Azmald went in search of the pieces hoping to find them and gain the power of the ancient magic. In the fourth year of his search, when he was ready to give up he found a single piece of the Circle of Balance. He knew that it was the circle, though he couldn’t use the magic without the other two pieces. Frinald could feel its power when he touched it. The King of Azmald at the time was not an evil man. Perhaps he was a little power hungry, but not evil. In fact, after he found the relic he decided to abandon his search. Frinald felt that the power of the Circle of Balance was too dangerous for anyone to wield, especially the king. He took the relic back to Azmald and locked it away in one of his secret chambers. In another land across the sea an evil king called Mornell from an evil blood line also sought the circle. His species was strange and often disfigured. He had many slave... ... middle of paper ... ... red as blood. He was what the rest of the world called the evil king and Frinald knew why he was there. He wanted his piece of the Circle of Balance. “Find the piece of the circle,” Mornell shouted at his men and several of his guards disappeared. When they returned they had the piece of the circle. Mornell greedily ripped the piece of circle from his knight’s hands and reached in his pocket all the while sharing a wide smile with all who watched. He brought out another piece of the circle and connected the two pieces. “Only one remains,” Mornell said smiling, baring his razor sharp teeth. “Take the princess alive, we need her.” Frinald went to get up but could not move, he wasn’t strong enough and he’d lost a lot of blood. Hopefully, Lord Ryne and the King’s guard would rescue her. Yes, hopefully. The king closed his eyes never to open them again.

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