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Historically, Chinese medicine has been used to cure diseases previously thought to be fatal and incurable, like cancer or Alzheimer's disease. In addition, it has been implemented to naturally relieve the symptoms of other illnesses, such as polio or Bell's palsy. Chinese medicine is an effective and natural method of combat against almost all of life's sicknesses. Herbal Chinese medicine and acupuncture have been shown to be highly effective against cancer, and oftentimes, their impact is enhanced when used in combination with western treatments, such as chemotherapy. According to, evidence from randomized clinical trials suggests that not only does Chinese medicine work to eliminate the cancer, but it also helps the patients with recovery in the long term. Use of the herbs in combination with chemotherapy during cancer treatment resulted in longer survival rates and lower risk of recurrence. Dr. Cheng, an oncology researcher from Yale University, has done research on the use of traditional Chinese medicine in combination with radiation therapy for colon cancer. He is testing a four-herb combination, named PHY906, which has at least 62 chemicals working together effectively to cure the cancer. Using the concoction alone had no effect on the cancer, and removal of one of the herbs reduced the effect that PHY906 had on the cancer. However, why PHY906 works is not completely understood yet. But, what Dr. Cheng knows is that the herb combination works in multiple ways to reduce effects of the cancer as well as the chemotherapy. Chinese medicine also works to counteract the side effects of the chemotherapy. For example, Chinese medicine doctors often use the herb C. chinensis to treat stomach problems, like diarrhea or ... ... middle of paper ... .... This solution contains povidone (PVP), which can be toxic and allergy-inducing. More severe cases of body odor may call for surgical removal of sweat glands in those areas. On the other hand, Chinese medicine doctors consider body odor to be a result of “heat” buildup in the body, and sweat, the cause of the odor, is a byproduct of the heat. So, Chinese medicine calls for diet change: stray away from foods that contain large amounts of oil or food that bears extreme tastes, such as spicy or sour food. Instead, the patient should keep a light diet to drive away the heat. For temporary relief, the use of prickly heat powder. This powder does not contain any known allergens, and is often used on babies to soothe rashes. As one can see, even for one of the most common ailments, Chinese medicine offers a natural, uninvasive method to successfully eliminate the problem.

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