children and death

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Is the death penalty a way to maintain existing order? I believe the death penalty has many great aspects to it, it shows others to remain responsible and calm and to not commit violent aggressions toward others. Lyndon b. Johnson said that “the only real road to progress for free people is through the process of law.” In the story “Juveniles Don't Deserve Life Sentences” it briefly explains the growing concern of children committing crimes, better known as the superpredators. Conjuring up a mental image of sensational serial killers have such an outstanding effect on me it simply changes my whole demeanor. The reason why it changes the way my demeanor is set up is because I am an 18 year old who has not thought about the murder of anybody. Many scientist and activist have done research in why young adolescents outrage the way they do, some people believe that it is the great amount of lost tissue in our brains. The anecdote “ On Punishment and Teen Killers” explains that some undeveloped children do things for the pleasure or meer insight of the consequences they might endure for doing such things. Greg Ousley a young child in junior high had committed premeditated murder when he thought out his plan and executed it by killing his own parents with a shotgun. If premeditation isn’t a good enough reason to sentence a person to death, then what is?
Juveniles do deserve life sentences depending on the severity of the case or crime. In this article “ Juveniles Don’t Deserve Life Sentences” it shows how “ a small but influential group of criminologists predicted a coming wave of violent juvenile crime; “ superpredators” as young as 11, committing crimes (Garinger,51). These studies and predictions may have not been true, but it does sh...

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...0 years is a very long time for anyone, and the valuable resources that we have are being wasted for a murder who can careless as he is still alive. Instead of housing and feeing murders we should use our valuable resources to help the people in our nations that’s in dire need of help. Scott Anderson mentioned in his article that Greg Ousley's “face crumpled, over the many hours [he] had spent with him, he rarely showed emotion.”(Anderson, 53). How can someone be so cruel and not have any emotions knowing they killed their parents.

On my behalf I believe that if you do the crime you should be able to do the time. No matter on what age a person presents that specific person has to settle up with the consequences given if they decided to handle serious crimes such as; murder, rape, and accessory to murder then they should be old enough to face adult consequences.
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