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Quality Culture

Amazon Inc. is one of the American online retail companies that principally sell products its worldwide market in over 12 nations and ships internationally. begun as the Earth’s biggest bookstore and has evolved as a largest store everywhere. The company’s philosophy is providing quality service in the industry through its expansion strategies. The company websites provides thousands of thousands of movies, books, music and games, electronics as well as other general products that comprise apparel and auto parts (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2007).
The company has the main objective of offering superior quality products and services to its clients. This means that the company has the role of ensuring that its customers get quality services and products they offer thus leading to customer satisfaction. In addition, the company has effective cost leadership strategies with well-established distribution chain and logistics. This has enabled the company to be leading Retail Company in the world that has high customer satisfaction rating.
In terms of management approach, the company has established management culture that envisions effective leadership where management is nurtured. The company’s culture promotes the aspect of competitive advantage since the firm’s values of leadership highpoints its ability to speedily implement changes and use resources effectively. This is attained through effective management strategies that have seen the company ranked best company with good customer relationship globally (Pahl et al, 2007). Because leadership values seeks to promote customer experience through high quality service and products, Amazon through its management strategies empower its employees to act speedily, ...

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...performance in the retail industry. This has enabled the company to engender customer experience service that has improved the company’s productivity over years. The company has adopted numerous technological innovations to boost its customer relations (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2007).
Therefore, examining company’s capacity and being the leader in the retail industry, it is evident that the company has embraced a quality culture. The quality culture has enabled the company to remain profitable. The high customer relations have allowed the company to constantly provide and improve its product and service quality. This means that the company’s priority is quality for the products and services they offer to its clients. The quality culture has enabled the company to be successful in the retail industry with excellent customer satisfaction ratings (Pahl et al, 2007).
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