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My earliest memory of career goals were in elementary school where I wanted to be a pediatrician. This would remain my goal until age thirteen when I designed my first webpage and began operating a successful e-commerce website. I had quickly learned about the power of computers – they simplified previous processes so much that a thirteen year old could operate a successful business. I was hooked and was driven to learn all that I could to unlock more of the seemingly limitless potential of computers. In high school I pursued certifications in computer networking and hardware until finally my intellectual curiosity led me to the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business where I majored in Management Information Systems and Economics. During the final two years of my college career I worked as a paid intern at Zaxby’s Franchising corporate headquarters where I was tasked with ensuring the polling accuracy of their point-of-sale reporting system. The complexity and degree of detail in which point-of-sale systems were able to gather data from such a wide variety of sources amazed me – from the number of chicken fingers sold to time spent ordering at the drive-thru and employee hours. The data was used on all levels, from making instantaneous decisions at the store level such as preparing food that hadn’t been ordered yet from prediction’s based on historical sales and current length of drive thru wait to deciding future promotions and calculating franchise fees at the corporate level. It was here that I first truly learned what can be achieved by accurately collecting all available data and presenting it effectively to decision makers. Using the data available to me through Zaxby’s, I was able to complete my economic researc... ... middle of paper ... ...he state in ensuring accurate service delivery by communicating user needs to contractors such as Lockheed Martin and Iron Data. My previous academic experience and research in economics and management information systems as well as my work experience and training in both healthcare and information systems have prepared me for your program. I believe the master of public health with a focus in health informatics program at Georgia Reagents University provides the ideal academic setting to help grow and develop the skills necessary to help reach my goal of contributing to the effective integration of information technology into the healthcare setting. My excitement for the field will doubtlessly lead me to actively participate and contribute in the academic settings as the potential to improve the effectiveness of healthcare information systems truly is my passion.

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