chapter 2

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Jessie and Megan’s bedroom was more like a small apartment than a bedroom. Megan and Jessie’s friends were quite envious of their fantastic room in the basement. Very large, the size of a hotel suite, with two double beds and two secret, walk-in closets, the Fayreweather twins’ bedroom was bigger than all of their friend’s. Having two double beds meant that Megan and Jessie could each have a friend stay over for Megan’s tenth birthday sleepover. Megan chose Hannah Alexander, who lived a little further north, on the other side of Linden Lane. Megan and Jessie had known Hannah as long as they could remember, often meeting Hannah outside after school to play. Hannah had a delicate look; rosy cheeks that blushed her ivory skin, long silken brown hair that fell gently on her shoulders and big, hazel eyes that gave her an innocent and shy look. However, Hannah was actually a tomboy and loved nature as much as Megan. The two often mixed up potions together or went in search of insects with their Junior Scientist bug kits. Dr Fayreweather had found the Junior Scientist website advertised on a scientific supply site. The site, was a fantastic educational resource for children and Megan and Hannah both joined the science club and ordered the bug kits. The bug kits included The Bug Book— an entomology field guide, magnifying glass and specimen chamber. It was not uncommon to see Hannah and Megan on their hands and knees, magnifying glasses between their teeth, crawling in the dirt looking for mini-beasts to check off in their bug books. Megan and Hannah enjoyed spending time with Jessie and her best friend Nikki. Nikki Fernandez, Jessie’s choice for Megan’s sleepover, was the smartest girl in school. She and Jess... ... middle of paper ... ...ed and I had to live with someone mean,” Megan whimpered. “I don’t know if the ghost is Raven, but I’m sure there is a ghost in the storage room!” Jessie whispered hoarsely in the darkness. “Jessie. It was just a story. Remember, you made it up! I am sure there isn’t really a ghost in our basement. Please don’t be frightened,” Megan reassured Jessie (and herself) in the chilling darkness. The sisters fell asleep thinking about Raven working on the Strongharm family farm and living in their basement, sleeping in the room that was now a closet. Suffering from her illness in the extreme Iowa weather, as the seasons changed with full intent. How frightened Raven must have been when black thunderstorms shrouded the house with darkness. The poor young girl must have been so cold, under her threadbare blanket, when freezing rain, sleet and snow fell from the Iowa sky.

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