chapter 1

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Ting, Elizabeth and Flakey watched Carole walk the short distance to platform 7. Three medium sized drones, alerted to her presence flew in delta formation over head shining bright, intrusive lights along the deserted platform. The leading drone entered the waiting room, if something, or anything was hiding in the shadows it wouldn't stay hidden for long. Carole stopped to allow the drones to pass by without detecting any movement. She also stopped because a compelling idea introduced itself to her and wouldn't go away. Stealthily the Sound walked back to the train. 'I'm going to the see if there's anything wrong at the signal box, are you coming?' 'What about the ducks?' Ting worried how the delay might endanger their rescue mission at Spear Point Tower. 'We can't leave them where they are.' 'I'm sorry, we have to include a slight delay and go to the signal box. I have to make sure something or someone isn't left behind.' Carole's expression let Ting know hers was the only option on the table. 'If, as you say the Sounds are safe while they stay inside the plastic shaped liked ducks they will stay safe until we get there and rescue them.' 'What if the train starts to move and we're not on it?' Flakey didn't like this turn of events at all. 'While the light doesn't change the train will stay where it is.' 'What if the light changes to green?' Flakey stared at the glowing signal believing any moment now the train will be instructed to continue its journey to Astringham Vale. Looking along the track the timid Sound could see automated activity around the base of the water tower. 'They're getting ready to load coal and refill the water.' 'Don't worry, you just stay on the train Flakey, I think it's probably best if you all st... ... middle of paper ... ...s raced to cover his ears. 'You shouted at me. You told me you were my friend.' 'I am your friend,' Ting apologised for sounding angry, 'but I am also your friend's friend, I need to know where I can find them. That is the mission I am on.' 'To find friends?' Ezra looked up, his eyes blinked in wonderment. Inside his brain Ezra, the E note flicked through the pages of his own, or read experiences. Stories of knights on pure white stallions, tales of angels real, or made of fiction, legends told by wandering minstrels from a time long dead queued to have their stories told. Nothing came close to Ting's quest just to discover friends. 'You must be very lonely.' Ezra's own friends he found by being in the same place as they were. From time to time new friends would emerge to replace old ones after they moved on to better things, though not always, some returned less

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