chap 3

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Sam Cooley and others used wagons to carry their photo equipment throughout the war areas. The stark realities of battles and death were available for everyone see thanks to the popularity of the newspapers and prominent news journals of the time. The public’s thirst for news of the war and the innovations and technology were a dream come true for publishers. Photographers and sketch artists were with troops on the forward lines and would capture the aftermath of battle. While the drawings could be quiet good, the actual photographic images were cutting edge technology during the civil war. Mathew Brady, c. 1875, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Div. LC-DIG-cwpbh-03798 Mathew Brady was the most widely known and published. His images were often provoking. Some of this photos were thought to have been rearranged or staged to make them more sensational. Brady’s photographic license wasn’t considered dishonest or fabricated, but best representing the stark carnage of the war and used to entice the public to action. The photographers of the day most likely did not und...

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