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What do history teachers teach? History teachers teach about the past events of someone that affected the world today. Since there have been several influential people in history, Eleanor Roosevelt is a prestige woman because she is very helpful person, a great leader, and a supporter. First, Eleanor Roosevelt is a very helpful person because she participated in the Red Cross during World War I. Roosevelt helps take care of the shell shock and wounded soldiers in the hospitals. Also she was very involved in fundraising drives and made overseas trips to see if the Red Cross were receiving everything that they needed. She showed a lot of leadership qualities at the Red Cross. This impacted our world today because the Red Cross is still helping others in need of help. Also giving them hopes that something good will happen so and that they are not alone. Roosevelt was a helpful person but also, a great leader. She was the first lady and most of the time she was with the staff and the administration and, discussing on policy related issues. Issue about how to make the country equal and n...

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