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2. An explanation must be given in order to appropriately understand the elements used in each commercial. The first advert chosen to analyse was 5 seeds Cider, an alcoholic cider that is made from apples. The commercial displays two girls with edited male faces, riding their bike to deliver the cider. Coca-Cola was the second commercial selected which is a popular soft drink. We are shown youth aged people playing in a bottle shaped wind machine while drinking Coca-Cola.

3. One of the key focuses of promoting certain products is to show the potential target audience how to solve their problem. These businesses appeal to issues that majority of people have in relation to their product, for example; the thought that all ciders are sweet. Once discovering the problem people have, they create a product that is supposedly guaranteed to solve this. Both commercials demonstrate that their particular product will solve their issue. The 5 seeds Cider advertisement includes copious examples of how their new cider is ‘not as sweet as you think’ which is stated as the slogan of the product. The Coca-Cola commercial on the other hand is showing how happy you can be if you drink their product. Stating that only their product will achieve the desired solution. Consequently, creating an emotional connection between the buyer and the product’s effect. For example the Coca-Cola commercial creates an idea in the consumers mind that once buying and drinking their product, only then will they be happy and having fun. The intention of forming emotional connections between consumers and a product is created to fulfil the company’s main purpose of generating a higher revenue. All commercials are created with a similar intention, though all displayed d...

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...ommercial by having an upbeat children’s song, sung by a man with an extremely deep voice. This is another example of the commercial displaying the slogan ‘not as sweet as you think’. Similarly, the Coca-Cola advertisement highlights the use of lyrics as relevance to the intention of the commercial. This is show through the song ‘Open Happiness’, a happy and light tune begins as the teenagers begin playing on the coke bottle wind machine. With lyrics such as open up some happiness today, the song symbolises that the contents of their drink is happiness. Both commercials use light upbeat music that is relevant to their intended audience and product details in order to appeal to the consumer and create an emotional connection between themselves and the product. This results in achieving the purpose of increased revenue from the additional language technique of music.
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