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Work can affect you in so many ways. It can prepare you for things in life that you would not have learned unless you worked. When I was 16 years of age I got my first job. My job consisted of cleaning a house, cooking, and being the nanny of three children. This job affected me in ways I did not think possible. I started working for this family because the mother had a severe case of depression. Some days she would get out of bed for just a few hours but she never got anything done. The father decided that his wife needed to focus on getting better and not have any pressures from home to distract her. In conclusion, I got a summer job. For me the idea of cleaning a house, cooking, and becoming the nanny of three kids seemed easy as pie, but was I ever wrong. As I walked into the house I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. Shame covered this hard working father’s face as he gave me a tour of the house. The smell of cat urine was so strong that they left windows open to try to air out the house. The kitchen counters were covered in old dishes that look like they have been sitting there for a few weeks. A pile of never ending laundry stood high like Mt. Everest. Shame covered this hard working father’s face as he gave me a tour of the house. He then introduced me to the kids. They seemed a bit odd, but what kid aren’t these days? He showed me to the back porch and he began to tell me about what challenges his children have. Abby who is 12 has bi-polar disorder. Hunter who is 11 has Aspergers. Then there is Sammy who is 9 who is the most patient kid I have ever met. I worked with this family for almost 6 months. It taught me how hard it is to be a mother, how to be patient, and to be a better person. I currently work at ... ... middle of paper ... ...hink we should hire you?” Sometimes they ask very random questions that will throw you off guard like “What is your favorite animal?” Hopefully, the interview went well and you get hired! My advice to you in the end is to be prepared for anything and be confident. If you follow these easy steps you will have a very easy time getting a job. There are so many different jobs now. Some jobs require you to have an education or certificate to work them. Other jobs you do not have to have any requirements but a human brain. All jobs are different. Some jobs you work with people, other jobs your work with animals, and then there are some that you work alone. Not every occupation is for every person. If you can not stand the thought of blood do not become a nurse or if you hate the idea of working in an office do not become an accountant. The world if full of jobs that are

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