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"Lauralee and Lacey Light!" A deep, stern voice bellowed throughout the large sleeping chambers of the young princesses. Groans and muffled yawns bounced of the dull stone walls as the two girls slowly awoke. "It's midnight, Father. Why are you waking us up so early?" A soft, beautiful voice danced out of the mouth of one of the princesses, and through the air into the ears of the King. "You must wake up now and be ready for your first meal at twelve thirty. After that, you must get ready for your lunchtime party, which will be held promptly at ten o'clock until twelve o'clock, and then proceed to change again for the grand ball being held in your honour tonight," King Kyle responded with a steady, demanding voice. Both girls sat up in their large, king sized beds. The younger twin pulled back her light pink canopy to reveal her disshevelled hair and droopy eyes. The older twin stretched and pulled the blanket over her head, refusing to wake up so early. "Yes, your grace," Lauralee, the younger twin, nodded obediantly at the King's request. "We will be in the dining hall in half an hour." "Good." Lauralee Light slumped over as soon as the large wooden door slammed closed. Her blonde hair fell over her eyes in sweaty knots, and her mouth felt dry. She rubbed her eyes with the backs of her hands and stretched up, feeling the relief as she cracked her stiff back. "Wake up, Lacey," Lauralee demanded, pulling back the black lace canopy covering her sisters bed. Lacey's short, dark-brown hair was barely visible beneath the thick duvet, and the rest of Lacey was a mere lump in the sheets. "Just nine more hours," Lacey responded lazily, dragging the covers off her face to glower at her sister. "You heard Father, we have to b... ... middle of paper ... ...ully before returning to their quaters. Lauralee entered the large dining hall to see her father and mother already seated at the long table at the head of the room. Lauralee bent her leg and dipped respectfully, curtsying to her royal parents. The nodded their approval, and Lauralee began the long walk to the long, sideways table on the raised platform ground. She took her seat beside her mother and waited patiently for Lacey. Ten minutes late, Lacey threw open the dining hall doors and strolled in with not an ounce of respect. She had a dark green dress on, matching Lauralee's, and her black riding boots only barely visible beneath the gown as she walked. She took her seat next to her father and dug into the food already on the table. King Kyle and Quen Katelynn glanced between each other, letting Lacey's ignorant behaviour slide today, in lue of the occassion.

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