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Mild intellectual disabilities affects around 85 percent of people (Mental Health and Wellness Information 1). Having an intellectual disability means that one is “limited in their ability to learn and their capacity for putting learning to use.” (What Everyone Should Know 1) Many people may think that an individual with an intellectual disability cannot live an independent lifestyle and be happy, however they are wrong. Although the individual that was interviewed struggles with certain everyday tasks she lives a fairly “normal” lifestyle.
The individual that was interviewed was Ella, who happens to have an intellectual disability. Ella was five years of age when she was tested and diagnosed with a mild intellectual disability. Her mother had her tested when she noticed Ella was not able to remember simple things and seemed uninterested in her surroundings while the kids around her were curious about their surroundings. These are a select few symptoms that individuals that have an intellectual delay may have (Mental Help 1). When asking Ella how she felt about being diagnosed with a mild intellectual disorder she said, “ I remember being sad because my mom was crying and I don’t like her being sad, but thats all I remember about it” (personal communication).
Although Ella could not recall much from her childhood, she did remember a few significant details. Ella remembers spending her entire day in a special education classroom up until she was in high school, where Ella was enrolled in mainstream classes and was accompanied by an aide every day. When asking Ella what her strengths were in high school and what her biggest struggles were the response she gave was not that surprising. Ella’s strengths were bonding with animals, dr...

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...l disability can move into their own place and be satisfied with their lives.
After helping Ella research independent living she has decided that it is in fact something that she would like to follow through with. When asking Ella what she was most excited for when she gets her own apartment Ella said, that she was very excited to be able to make her own rules for herself. Ella said the first rule she is making is being able to watch cartoons before bedtime.
Even though intellectual disabilities make it harder for individuals like Ella to live a “normal” lifestyle due to their limited ability to learn it is not impossible. People with intellectual disabilities can still acquire a job, move into their own place, and can be satisfied with their lives. The only difference is that those with an intellectual disability may need to work harder at acquiring those skills.
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