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An Interesting Case Every profession has standards or rules to follow and in the medical world, these rules are crucial. Medical imaging professionals follow two sets of guidelines; the code of ethics and the rules of ethics. The purpose of the standards are to establish high levels of ethical conduct, to promote safety, comfort and protection to patients and to serve as a guide for technologists to perform their jobs in accordance of other members in that society (Quizlet, n.d). As humans, we make mistakes but a lot of them can be avoided if only we followed the rules set before us. There are many situations in which we are lucky that patients or others are not physically harmed but we still need to be penalized in order to learn from our mistakes. As the future of technology grows, each individual needs to be careful and understand how social media can become a problem in the work environment. In the proceeding case, we can see how one’s actions and the use of social media could jeopardize a hospital’s reputation, a technologist’s career and even a patient’s life. Personal Information and Social Media With Facebook and other social media at a rise, we can see a development of drama and personal information being shared about others. Some people use these sites to communicate with long distance friends but others could have more evil intentions. It is very important for persons of health care to understand that social media and the use of personal patient information is completely off limits and subject to heavy consequences and fines. People of the medical setting are to be trusted by patients and to be able to feel free to share anything pertaining to their health without fearing the spread of that knowledge. The Case As h... ... middle of paper ... brought into the work setting. In this case, there could have been many different scenarios and outcomes due to the actions of Suzy and Mary but the most important thing to understand is the importance of HIPPA and private patient information. Rules and policies are set to keep order in the work place and to maintain a neutral environment where patients can feel safe and free to disclose important information. In order to keep a healthy and functioning work force within the medical imaging department, it is important to keep up to date with continuing education provided as well as having refresher meetings so situations as such can be avoided. Although Mary didn’t start the breach of information, she is just as guilty as Suzy and in the end they both would have to bear the consequences and understand the importance of ethic decisions that should have been made.

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