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The cells is the smallest of living unit of on the body. The normal cells will properly functioned in its activity. The normal cells will become malignant or cancer cell by infected viruses, including prolong radiation, chemical substance and injured. The body condition and some hormone factors such as estrogens are influence important to promote the malignant cell growth. The cancer cells will classified by the type and area of tissue affected. Carcinomas is a cancer in epithelial cells caused by sarcomas. Leukemias is causes from hemopoietic cells and the nervous system (Bruce. Alberts, 2002). The most common cancer cells are present in rearrangements and chromosomal aberrations.
The cancer cells will development from multistep process such as mutation and the cells selection for progressively increasing for proliferation, invasion, survival and metastasis process. The cancer cells origins from a single Primary tumor, arising in an identified organ and presumed to be derived by cell division that has undergone some heritable changes to outgrow its neighbors (Bruce. Alberts, 2002). The abnormal cells will proliferation then leads to increased growth the cells will derived tumor cells. Mutations occur in the cells of tumor population and this mutation will give advantages to the cell, such as rapid growth and development. The continuously development tumors cell will faster growing and increased the malignant cells.
The Colon carcinomas is a good example of tumor development in human malignancy. The first stage is increased the proliferation of colon epithelial cells in tumor development. The Single abnormal cell in the proliferative population will benign a small neoplasm. The colonal lead increasing adenomas si...

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...s have big impacts on cell signaling and behaviour (Yamada K.M & Cukierman.E,2007).
For example, collagen gels can form either loose and dense connective tissue depending on the concentration of collagen. This gels commonly used in studies of fibroblast and tumor cell migration for their signaling. Physical properties of matrix stiffness in 3D models has large impacts than molecular composition of extracellular matrix (Yamada K.M & Cukierman.E, 2007). The features rigidity,elasticity,or pliability is sensed by cells through bidirectional interaction betweens cells and the surrounding extracellular matrix. Cell surface integrant receptors interacts with contractile cytoskeleton to pull against the extracellular matrix to sense the stiffness of the microenvironment. Stiffness enhance cell proliferation by promoting neoplasia (Yamada K.M & Cukierman.E, 2007).
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