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Cerebral Palsy is a disorder resulting from damage to the central nervous system. The nervous system is the part that includes the brain and the spinal cord. (Feldman, Robert) University of Massachusetts. I will introduced this topic concerning infants. The reason why I choose this particular subject is about two years ago at that time my one year old grandchild stop breathing. It started with seizures and metabolic strokes that made her un-responsive. I began to do CPR while the ambulance was on its way and my daughter was having a meltdown right in front of me. Seizures are a sudden attack or incapacitation, by an illness. Strokes occur when a blood vessel in the brain burst or, more commonly, when a blockage develops. Without treatment cells in the brain began to die. (Varnada, Karriem) Norwood M.D. Certain signs of a stroke are sudden numbness or weakness of the body, especially on one side. Sudden vision changes in one or both eyes, or difficulty swallowing. There could be unknown causes of headaches. Difficulty speaking and understanding others. It also causes you...

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