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Target market The primary target markets for Buffalo Wild Wing are male sports fans from age 21 to 28 years old. They are educated males with an average source income of any ethnical background. Buffalo Wild Wing offers their target market with a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages including a wide selection of beer that they all can enjoy. They love to socialize so Buffalo Wild Wings has created a very social and friendly environment for them to come and enjoy a lot of fun. Analyzing Business’s Value Proposition Buffalo Wild Wings is all about creating a WOW experience for their guest, and are known for three main things which are wings, beer, and sports. Buffalo Wild Wings is a place where you can go to socialize with your friends, cheer on your favorite sporting events, play some trivia or Texas Holdem or to simply have some food and drinks. Although Buffalo Wild Wings serves a full menu with a variety of menu options, their specialty is their wings which can be order tradition style or boneless. They currently offer 16 different types of wing sauces that range from mild to blazing and 5 different types of dry rubs. For those thirst guest, Buffalo Wild Wings offers an average of 30 beers on draft, which includes domestic, import, craft and specialty beers. This is managed by using a three layered system where at the top layer sells the top national domestic beers like Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller Light and Coors Light in order to create a type of conscientious throughout all of the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants (Rotunno, 2013). The second layer is chosen by the region of which the restaurant is located at and the third layer uses local favorites and seasonal beers (Rotunno, 2013). If there is any type of sporting event wh... ... middle of paper ... Ojeda-Zapata, J. (2014, March, 6). Buffalo Wild Wings to expand tabletop tablet computers for patrons. Twin Cities Business. Retrieved on June 24, 2014, from Wheelwright, S. (2014, April 19). How Much Does Marketing with an ad agency, marketing company, social media company and video companies really cost? LinkedIn. Retrieved on June 29, 2014, from "Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Mobile Food Ordering. (2014, April 15). Business Apps. N.p., Retrieved on June 27, 2014, from
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