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Global Warming Global Warming is a rising threat to the state of the world, causing serious rising in sea levels, rapid melting in the Arctic, and elevated living costs, and must be ended, or at least drastically slowed, in order to create/maintain a healthy, inhabitable planet. As Africa News Service stated “The dangers of a warming Earth are immediate and very human... it’s not just about melting ice, threatened animals and plants. It’s about the human problems of hunger, disease, drought, flooding, refugees and war, becoming worse...” African News Service, “The Reality of Climate Change,” Associated Press, 27 Mar. 2014. One of the most evident and widely publicised consequences of global warming is the rapid melting of both the Western and Northern Antarctic ice masses. While gradual melting is normal for the area, ice caps and glaciers have been deteriorating increasingly rapid as a repercussion of global warming. “Satellite images show that the rapid summer melt has reduced the area of frozen sea to less than 3.5 million square kilometers in 27 August 2012 - less than half the area typically occupied four decades ago,” Can Glacier and Ice Melt Be Reversed? “The Melting of Glaciers Cannot be Reversed With Global Warming, Bharat Raj Singh,” 2014. Carbon Dioxide is the most commonly emitted gas of the heat trapping gases responsible for trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and reflecting it back to the planet’s surface. It is important to cut back on the growing emission of these heat trapping gases as a nation in order to halt expected acceleration of the effects of the climate change. For example “...global average temperature could go up anywhere from 3.7 to 4.8 degrees c (6.7 to 8.6 F) over pre-industrial levels by the... ... middle of paper ... ...To Wildlife,” Jean E. Brennan, 2013. Works Cited Albert K. Bates. “The Greenhouse Effect And What We Can Do.” Climate in Crisis June 1990: 47. Associated Press. “The Reality of Climate Change.” African News Service 27 Mar. 2014: 1. Brennan, Jean E. “Global Warming Poses a Threat To Wildlife.” Reducing the Impact Of Global Warming On Wildlife: The Science, Management, and policy changes Ahead 2013: 1. “Global Warming." Current Issues: Macmillan Social Science Library 19 May 2014: 1. Molina, Mario J. “Scientists Sound Alarm on Climate” New York Times 18 Mar. 2014: 1. Singh, Bharat Raj. “The Melting of Glaciers Cannot be Reversed With Global Warming.” Can Glacier and Ice Melt Be Reversed? 2014: 1. Smith, Matt. “To Slow Warming, No More ‘Business as usual’ U.N. Warns.” CNN Wire 13 Apr. 2014: 1.

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